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MARCH 2018

2- Commodities Distr. Cam Bey Apts. 9:30 am (POC Marilyn Pulk)

- Zone Meeting: CPO Club in Oak Harbor 9:00AM - I:00PM 6 - Woodcutting at the recycle center. 9:30 am (POC John Roomes)

- Board & Business Dinner Meeting: Guest speakers: Chris Renfro, the Leo’s Club Carolyn O’Dell – Brave Little Lions and Cathie Harrison – Central Whidbey Lions Flag Program

- Barn Sort 9 am-Boyer Barn (POC Gary Parker)

- General Dinner Meeting, Program: Vivian Decker, founder of Spin Cafe

21 - Board & General Dinner Meeting Students of the Quarter A-F Dessert/ G-O Salad/ P-Z Entrée

- Coupeville Clean-up

- General Dinner Meeting, Program:
Guest speaker, Vern Olson, Small Miracles

29- Blood Drive, United Methodist Church


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Have donations for our garage sale? Please call Lion Ginny to arrange pick up 360-678-4105.

Need medical supplies?
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MD19-District H-Zone 7
Club #7928

contact us at
PO Box 473
Coupeville, WA 98239

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Welcome to Coupeville Lions Club

We meet weekly-Wednesdays, September – May
 bi-monthly June, July, August
Fellowship 6:00-6:20 PM -  Dinner 6:20-6:50 / Meeting & Program 6:50-8:00
at the United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall
608 North Main St. Coupeville, WA 98239 

The great news for February was another successful Scholarship Auction. I’m sure there will be another report on the auction, but I’ll give my perspective. As we prepared for the auction, everyone had a lot of concern because of the loss of Jackie. She was a key player on the management team and provided the skills and imagination for presenting the items for sale, for creating the catalogue, and for tracking the results. It was quite a shock to lose this beautiful talent. But, as we always do as Lions, we pulled together as a family and got the job done.

On the day of the auction, there was a large team at the Elks decorating the room and setting up the various areas: silent auction displays, live auction displays, desserts, student wall, and tables. When our guests arrived, everything looked great and they were prepared for a wonderful evening. I believe the guests enjoyed the evening, the food, and the beverages. As always, we were served by the Honor Society and the Leos, many of whom will receive scholarships this year or in the future.

The evening was dedicated to Jackie, who would have wanted everyone to have a great time and to bid generously. I think we accomplished that goal. The live auction went well with the team of Bob Clay and Jim Freeman. Jim was very entertaining and interacted with the guests to maximize the bidding. President, Lion Dave Fish
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Our current board

Lion Dave Fish
Lion Sue Hartin
1st Vice President
Lion Doug Kroon
2nd Vice President
Lion Brian Pulk
3rd Vice President
Lion Rick Walti
Lion Gary Youngs
Membership Director
Lion Sandy Johnson
Tail Twister
Lion Vicky Reyes
Lion Tamer
Lion Stephanie
2nd Year Directors
Lion Gary Parker
Lion Barb Vaughan
1st Year Directors
Lion Harold Hertlein
Lion Dennis Bullock
Retention Director
Lion Pat Waters
Immediate Past President
Lion Ricardo Reyes
Program Chair
Lion Barb Vaughan

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