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January 2019

2 - Board and Business Dinner Meeting, Program: Lynn Hyde
4 - Commodities Distr. Cam Bey Apts. 9:30 am (PoC Marilyn Pulk) cxl 01/02/2019
8 - Woodcutting at the recycle center. 9:30 am (PoC Gary Youngs)
9 - General Dinner Meeting: Students of the Quarter PoC Sandee Allen Potluck designation is as follows: A-F Dessert , G-O Salad,
P-Z Entrée
12- Hwy Cleanup Coupeville Elementary 9-10:30 am
11- Barn Sort Boyer Barn, 9 am (PoC Gary Youngs)
16- Board & Business Dinner Meeting: Program, guest speaker, Dr. Jeremy Idjadi
19- Zone meeting- Orcas Island
23- General Dinner Meeting, Program: Cindy Miller - Island Senior Resources and
Membership/Mentor Meeting, (PoC Marilyn Pulk) 5-6 PM open to all members dropping in or joining us
24 - Blood Drive, United Methodist Church
30- Game Night at Coupeville
Rec Hall

Our current board for 2019

Lion Doug Kroon
Lion Sue Hartin
1st Vice President
Lion Brian Pulk
2nd Vice President
Lion Rick Walti
3rd Vice President
Lion Janet Burchfield
Lion Gary Youngs
Membership Director
Lion Sandy Johnson
Tail Twister
Lion Ginny Munn
Lion Tamer
Lion Duane Baumann
2nd Year Directors
Lion Harold Hertlein
Lion Dennis Bullock
1st Year Directors
Lion Dennis Egan
Lion Rob Johnson
Retention Director
Lion Marilyn Pulk
Immediate Past President
Lion Dave Fish
Program Chair
Lion Barb Vaughan

Please call Lion Ginny
regarding Medical Supplies coordination
Need medical supplies?
Please go to We Serve page for more detailed information

Donations for 2019 Garage Sale

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Welcome to Coupeville Lions Club

We meet weekly-Wednesdays, September – May
 bi-monthly June, July, August
Fellowship 6:00-6:20 PM -  Dinner 6:20-6:50 / Meeting & Program 6:50-8:00
at the United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall
608 North Main St. Coupeville, WA 98239

updated January 16, 2019


Happy New Year to all members! January 2019 is already here. I am terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Always eager to lose a few (or maybe many) pounds, by the afternoon of New Year’s Day I must finish that last slice of chocolate cake, or join friends for pizza, or devour that bag of ketchup potato chips I brought back from Canada. Since I am so good at breaking resolutions, I’ve decided to make the following resolutions for the Coupeville Lions.

1. We resolve not to cut wood and deliver it to community members in need of heat this winter.
2. We resolve to stay home in February and let Coupeville High School seniors pay for their own damn college.
3. Commodities, shommodities. Let someone else worry about distributing them.
4. Lock up the hospital equipment and throw away the key.
5. We resolve to have Ginny tell people we don’t want their late Aunt Karen’s household chock full of expensive goods. It will save us the need to coordinate pickups and deliveries to the barn as well as that chore of constant barn sorting. By the way, I’m sure many of us have better things to do the last weekend of June.
6. We resolve not to celebrate Coupeville High School Seniors’ accomplishments each quarter. 7. We resolve to sell the sight and hearing van on Craigslist and give the proceeds to President Doug to take that long-needed vacation to Tahiti. Do the kids at Coupeville Elementary really need to see and hear well?
8. We resolve to quit collecting eyeglasses and sending them to people who need them.
9. We resolve to quit delivering meals on wheels or help providing assistance to Gift From the Heart Food Bank.
10. The highway will just get littered again so let it be resolved that we will quit picking up trash on Highway 20.
So join me on New Year’s Day by beginning to breaking our resolutions and I’ll save a slice of pie for you! Best wishes and a great 2019.
Doug Kroon, President, Coupeville Lions Club



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We seek good donations. We need them!  Please be aware that we are grateful for the support of quality donations but we can’t use everything. go to our Garage Sale page for specific information pertaining to donations and the sale.

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2019 Blood Drive Schedule - January 24, March 21, May 23, August 15, November 21



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