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MD19-District H-Zone 7
Club #7928

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Coupeville, WA 98239

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Medical Equipment: Contact Lion Mel (360 678-7727)
A wide range of medical equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, shower benches, bedside commodes, hospital beds,& seat extenders) is available for loan to people in the community. No fee is charged, although some users choose to show their appreciation with a donation. It should be stressed that availability varies, but we try!

WE ALSO ACCEPT DONATION OF GOOD, USED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Storage of Medical Equipment Provided by Coupeville Storage (360) 678-3324 180 SW Terry Rd, Coupeville, WA

Blood Drive: Contact Lion Sue (503- 789-3595)
Quarterly drive sponsored by Coupeville Lions for Puget Sound Blood Center.

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Meals on Wheels: Contact Lion Von , (360-678-2289) Lion John (360-678-3817) Lion Dennis (360-679-2735)
This program delivers meals to folks in our community who are unable to cook or shop for themselves. These community members are especially vulnerable since they may not have friends and family in the area to help them, and our Lion members are an important social contact for them as well. The Coupeville Lions have been delivering Meals on Wheels for
over 25 years!
HELP WANTED–The Meals-On-Wheels team needs one or two more relief drivers. There are times when a regular driver cannot deliver and other drivers are committed elsewhere, are incapacitated or on vacation. The time committed is 2 to 2.5 hrs. and starts at 11:00 am on a Monday, Tuesday, or Friday. There is compensation for gasoline expense. If you think you can help, contact Lions Von , John or any of the other regular drivers. They will take you on their route to show you what is involved in meal delivery.   They are always looking for substitute drivers. Ride along with them, and see if you want to be a substitute driver.
Presently, they pick up the prepared meals from Sheri, Cambey Apartment Kitchen (Senior Services). The MOW are delivered throughout Coupeville to Greenbank to eighteen clients.
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Camp Horizon: Contact Lion Dave (360-678-7181) and Lion Karen (360-678-7181)

Camp Horizon is a facility operated by our District H that provides camping opportunities for people with disabilities. Our District Clubs provide financial support and Lion volunteers do maintenance work and provide help during camping weeks.
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Hearing & Vision Screening: Lion Carol (360-678-7181) and Vicky Reyes (313-729-3615)

State Highway Pickup: Contact Lion Bruce (360-682-5854)
Quarterly, the Club picks up trash along two miles of Highway 20.
County Road Pickup: Contact Lion Bruce (360-682-5854)
Semi-Annually trash is picked up along local central Whidbey roads.

Memorial Day Parade:Contact Lion Carol (360-678-7181) and Lion Vicky (313-729-3615)


Health Screening Van: Contact Lion Al (360-678-4391)
The Lions’ Northwest Sight and Hearing Foundation owns and operates the health screening unit which comes to Coupeville schools annually. The Coupeville Lions visit and volunteer to test our school children for possible sight and hearing problems.  The van visits Coupeville yearly. Lions of Multiple District 19 and the Northwest Lions Foundation received high public praise for our sight and hearing service recently when the popular television show King 5 Evening Magazine covered the debut of our new Lions Health Screening Unit. Meeghan Black and crew covered the unit’s debut Friday, March 11, 2011. Meeghan’s report includes an interview with Red and Beverly Bingham, who donated the brand new Kenworth tractor that pulls the new trailer in style. The broadcast also includes kind words from Meeghan and Evening Magazine for the Lions volunteers who staff the LHSU at schools throughout Washington and Northern Idaho.
 The 62-foot-long, medically-equipped Lions Health Screening Unit (LHSU) travels throughout Washington and Northern Idaho to give free health screenings at schools, fairs, and other public events. Checking for glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and sight and hearing loss is key to interventions in potentially life-threatening health problems. This year, the Lions Health Screening Unit will provide free screening for an estimated 30,000 patients, the vast majority of whom will be children. The Foundation’s annual cost to operate the Lions Health Screening Unit is more than $170,000. As more and more children and adults come to depend on these screenings. We would greatly appreciate your financial support
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Centenial Project & Coupeville High School Liason: Contact Lion Bob (360-678-6480)

Wood Cutting: Contact Lion Gary (360-678-3441) The wood cutting program started in early December 2004 when the Central Whidbey Lions Club discontinued their program. It took until the first part of March 2005 to get the approval and the legal requirements all satisfied with Island County and the Solid Waste Facility just south of Coupeville. The program was to cut and split the logs into firewood that the County acquired from storms, roadside clearing or whatever, and distribute the wood to needy individuals or families. The program was perceived as a needed service to the community. Referrals were obtained from Gifts from the Heart, Readiness to Learn Foundations, commiserate people, and specific requests.
The program started slow with haphazard scheduling, splitting by hand and with few people. We eventually obtained usage of Lion Ed Chupat’s splitter, which required the cylinder to be resealed and not used after his death. Lion Bob Johnson volunteered his splitter, which we are still using today. (Thanks, Bob). Lion Mel Rogers advertised for a chain saw donation. (the donor is my neighbor who donated her late husband’s chain saw.) Mel keeps this saw in running order.
Our crew now runs between five and six at the nearly regular cutting parties on the Tuesdays following the official Board of Directors meeting. Faithful Lions cutting up include Fred Bronson, Dick Eisenbray, Warren Ivy, Dale Riddle, Mel Rogers, Bill Roberts and John Roomes.
Approximately twenty Lions have helped provide the firewood over our history of the program using their own tools in the woodcutting program. About twenty cords have been cut to date and delivered to twenty people in various amounts.
We have also sold wood to Lions and other individuals to provide funds for our scholarship auctions and other philanthropic efforts.
We cut wood as announced (weather permitting).
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Used eyeglasses Recycling : Contact Lion Ginny 360-678-4105
Lions’ eyeglass collection boxes are placed throughout the community. Eyeglasses which are collected are sent to a Lion’s facility for repair & classification and are then used to support vision programs for needy people. This is also done with hearing aids. Did you know that we also collect prescription sunglasses?

Central Whidbey Lions has a collection box at the Coupeville Post Office (it’s with the newspaper racks on the front porch. And they have a collection box at Careage of Whidbey, Whidbey General Hospital , and The Whidbey Eye Care Center (street behind Wells Fargo Bank.)
North Whidbey Lions and Oak Harbor Lions have boxes in Oak Harbor: CPO Club, Whidbey Medical Center, and Oak Harbor Post Office

Hearing Loss Services: Lions clubs often provide communications aids for deaf and hard of hearing persons in the community. These aids include: sign language, hearing devices, hearing dogs

The Lions Clubs International Hearing Aid Bank Program-HARP
- To establish an international hearing aid recycling program to promote the collection, refurbishing and distribution of donated hearing aids.
- To provide clubs with a means of providing hearing aid assistance at an affordable cost.
- To promote communication among Lions who collect used hearing aids.
- To closely identify Lions with hearing aid recycling and distribution.
- To facilitate the international expansion of the Lions Clubs International Hearing Aid Recycling Program.

Help Instructions to begin the process:
Start searching for a free hearing aid by discussing the matter with a healthcare professional. A doctor’s diagnosis is necessary to qualify for hearing aid assistance, and healthcare professionals are some of the best sources for assistance information.
Contact the Lions Club International. The Lions club provides assistance for hearing loss sufferers who cannot afford the proper care. Many chapters of the Lions Club have hearing aid banks for people in need. Contact the Coupeville Lions Club Program Chair for further assistance.
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Scholarships: Contact Lion Bob (360-678-0288)
Graduating Coupeville High students are selected to receive wide range of scholarships based on academic achievement, community service, need, and/or field of study. The Scholarship Committee is made up of Coupeville Lions who evaluate the applications and recommend the winners and the amounts to be given.  The scholarships are paid directly to the colleges.
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Boy Scouts of America: Contact Lion Gary (360-678-6216)
Our Club sponsors Troop 4058 and encourages Lions to be involved in Troop activities. The Scouts assist our Club during our Garage Sale as well as our Annual Deception Pass Spring Clean-up.
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Students of the Quarter/Year: Contact Lion Doug (360-678-5809) In collaboration with the Coupeville School District. The Coupeville Lions have been recognizing Students of the Quarter from Coupeville High School for over 35 years.  Every quarter, all the teachers at the high school are asked to vote for one female and one male student who they believe best exemplifies the qualities of a well rounded student.  They are asked to consider qualities such as good grades, participation in athletics, the arts or student government and community service.  We are looking for good leaders, good role models and students with high integrity, excellent values and a good work ethic.  Each quarter the winners, along with their families, come to a Lions meeting and give a short talk about their school years in Coupeville, experiences that have had a lasting effect on their development and their plans for the future. These four programs are some of the best attended meetings as all of the Lions really enjoy getting to know these exceptional young people.  The quarterly winners receive a plaque from the Club.  At the end of the school year, the eight quarterly winners are again placed on a ballot and the high school teachers select two Students of the Year.  These two winners are each presented with a $500 check at Senior Award Night.
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Contact Lion Karen (360-678-7181), or Lion Brian (425-241-3171)
Pickup Coordinator:
Contact Lion Ginny  (360-678-4105)
he major source of recurring income for the Coupeville Lions Foundation is derived from the annual “Garage Sale”. Income from this sale helps support a wide variety of local services including Boy Scouts, scholarships, food bank, senior services, parks, youth coalition, sports, learn-to-swim, sight and hearing, medical equipment, Camp Horizon and others. Every dollar realized from the sale of donated items goes to make our community a better place.

To get the best return from donations and the tremendous effort put into the sale by Lions and other great volunteers 2017 guidelines and good judgment need to be applied when accepting donations.

• We can’t take everything. Sorry, we’ll say it again…we can’t take everything.
• Great quality may make an item sale-able even if it’s on the “don’t take” list. Good judgment is the key!

Please call 360-678-4105 to learn more about donations


We seek good donations. We need them!  Please be aware that we are grateful for the support of quality donations but we can’t use everything. go to our Garage Sale page for specific information pertaining to donations and the sale.
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Scholarship Auction: Contact Lion Dave Scholarship page for current year's information
Because the Coupeville Lions Scholarship Dinner and Auction is so generously supported by our community and is such a successful fundraiser, our Club is able to award between 20-26 Scholarships to Seniors from Coupeville High School each year.  The Scholarships are generally between $500 and $1,500 each and the Club usually distributes around $24,000 each year.  We award scholarships to students attending four-year universities as well as community colleges and trade schools.  We have special scholarships for students studying education, the environment, the arts, business, and medicine.
The Coupeville Lions Club put together its eleventh annual auction and dinner to raise scholarship money for Coupeville High School. Coupeville High National Honor Society students serves the dinner.
Beth Kuchynka, owner of Bayleaf in Coupeville and Oak Harbor, worked with Lion Ron Wilkinson to select four outstanding Washington wines and a range of cheeses and crackers beautifully displayed and voraciously consumed. During the silent auction portion of the evening familiar American standards arranged and played by Jerry Jones’ Whidbey Jazz Quintet.
Desserts prepared by some of the finest home bakers on the island were also auctioned, with the highest bidding tables choosing first. Auctioneer Dale Sherman and Lion Bob Clay had the audience raising their bid paddles and laughing in the aisles during the live auction. All told, this fundraiser earned over $20,000 for the Lions Scholarship Fund in 2015.
Last year, 23 Coupeville High School graduates received scholarships totaling $20,000+. This year the Lions Scholarship Committee will again step up to the challenge thanks to the support of all those who attended the Coupeville Lions Club Scholarship Auction, which was once again supported by Peoples Bank and Peoples Home Loan Center and sponsored by Puget Sound Energy Community Service. Proceeds are dedicated to the Scholarship Fund.
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White Cane Drive: Contact Lio Sandy (509-994-1074) and LionBob (509-979-1701)
An annual fund raising campaign to support the Lions Northwest Sight and Hearing Foundation and local community sight and hearing needs. Funds are solicited through letters and local stands/public events. All proceeds of the drive support sight and hearing programs.
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Shopping Spree: Contact Lion Diane (360-678-6215) and Lion Sandy (360-678-5809)
The Shopping Spree will highlight the months of October and November. The raffle tickets for this event will be distributed to be sold by Coupeville Lions. The Shopping Spree will be held at the Prairie Center Red Apple. The holder of the winning raffle ticket will have three minutes to collect as many items as they can (not including meat, alcohol, tobacco and health and beauty products). Fifty dollars worth of meat will be added after the spree. The winning ticket will be drawn during the Lions Club meeting. Signup sheets for the two hour shifts selling tickets at the bank or store will be circulated. Proceeds go to the general fund.
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Salmon BBQ: Contact Lion Doug (951-255-8248)
The annual community salmon BBQ picnic at the Town Park, in
conjunction with the final summer Concert on the Cove.
A little History of the Salmon BBQ
The origins of Lions Salmon dinners have been obscured by the passage of time. Sometime in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s the Club built the grilling pit at the town park. We know the Coupeville Lions built it as the plaque on it says so. But exactly when it was built and by which Lions is not known. Perhaps it was built in conjunction with the Arts and Crafts Festival with local tribes doing the cooking.
About eight years ago(2005) Lion Mayor Nancy Conrad and the Town Council had the idea to tie a Salmon BBQ in with the free end of summer concert the Town was sponsoring and make it a bigger event.
The first few years had the Swinomish Tribe supply the salmon and do the cooking. However they were not able to supply the salmon the next year due to a poor fish run and we had to serve hamburgers. The following year Rosie and Billy James of the Samish Tribe came in and did the cooking of commercially caught salmon with our Lions helping.  After two years of their help we decided to take on the entire operation, giving us better control of the event with the goal to improve reliability and quality.
Last year and again this year the salmon will be fresh caught, not frozen thanks to Lion Gordon McMillan’s contacts. The menu was expanded to include corn on the cob, thanks to Lions Mayor Nancy and Gordon, and this year we plan to improve the dessert.
We hope to serve between 200 and 250 dinners. Profits (if any) will be deposited in the Coupeville Lions Club Foundation account.
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Commodities Distribution: Contact Lion Marilyn (425-449-2014)
Lions unload commodities that are picked up in Oak Harbor Help House. We meet at 9:30 (wearing our Lions vest).  
Commodities consist of eggs, cheese, soup, cereal, frozen fruit, juice, canned meat and other staples. This is enough to almost fill a shopping bag. The Cambey Apartments is site to the sorting. Many of the residents are given this distribution. The remaining are driven to those who cannot drive. This is done on the first Friday of each month. The time required is 1-2 hours.
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Historic Restoration Team: Contact Lion Ron (360-678-1902) Preparations are currently underway for this year's historic building preservation project with Ebey’s Reserve. It is scheduled from July 15 thru 25 with the possibility that an additional week may be needed if necessary. In 2014, Coupeville Lions, along with any others wishing to participate, restored the south side of the Coupeville Wharf Warehouse owned by the Port of Coupeville. This was 7th year of participation in Ebey’s Landing field school. An analysis done by graduate students from the University of Oregon in January shows that about 50% of the siding on the south side will need to be replaced. There are going to be a number of challenges to this project, i.e.: minimal working area, working over water, keeping traffic patterns open for the businesses in the building, etc. As in the past, we will be working two 4 hour shifts, 4 days a week. Lions with all types of backgrounds are needed. Some are needed to prime and paint the siding on the shore by the museum, others will be working on ladders on the building, some transporting tools & materials and still others assisting and setting up as needed. This has been a very rewarding experience for all those who have participated in the past. We learned the difference between repair and preservation, we learned different techniques associated with preservation, contribute to saving our history, end having a great feeling
of achievement and we have a fun time doing it.
Ebey's Reserve Office and is of Field School pictures that where taken of the last 10 years of preservation work done in concert with Coupeville Lions.
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Keystone Park Maintenance: Contact Lion Dave (360-678-7181) State Ferry Systems pays Coupeville Lions for maintaining the grounds around the Keystone Ferry Landing. Funds received benefit the Club.
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Aluminum Pull Tabs: Contact
to turn in pull tabs that are pure aluminum for recycling. The funds received go to help fund Camp Horizon
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International Peace Poster: Contact Lion Gary & Sandy (360-678-5809) Each year, Lions clubs around the world proudly sponsor the Lions International Peace Poster Contest in local schools and youth groups. This art contest for kids encourages young people worldwide to express their visions of peace. For more than 25 years, millions of children from nearly 100 countries have participated in the contest. The theme of the 2015-16 Peace Poster Contest is "Share Peace." Students, ages 11-13.
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Leos Club Contact LionChris (360-678-6580)
The Leos Club was started in the Fall of 2012 and officially Chartered by Lions Clubs International in January 2013. They are a high school service club with meetings during the high school lunch period. The Leos develop and vote on all their service projects.  The  Leos Club has been quite busy in the last year, but almost all members are new Leos who were never inducted. So on March 13th, ZC Ron Wilkinson inducted eleven Leos. Lion Principal Larry Walsh spoke about how the Leos are a real credit to the high school with their community service. The Leos now wear their Leo tie-dyed t-shirts on Mondays when the Club meets, which gives the Club good visibility around the school.

The Leos are currently planning a visit to Friday Harbor in August to do a joint community service project with the Friday Harbor Leos.
certificate (image)
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Coupeville High School Woodshop Assistance   Contact LionBob (360-678-8480)
Program Evaluation

Learn-to-Swim Program: Contact
Provides six weeks of Red Cross approved swimming lessons to youth. Lessons are targeted for different skill levels. Older youths assist as Aides and Trainers. One of the Clubs oldest service activities. Beginning in 2014 we are supported this program and not taking the lead.
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Festivals we participate with:

Penn Cove Musselfest
Penn Cove Water Festival
Penn Cove Roots video courtesy of Whidbey TV
Arts and Crafts Festival


Information pertaining to our club:

Visitations And Contests: Contact Your Sponsor or Club Director. Visitations are not just to have an excuse to get out of your house & Town, nor are Lions Contests just for wining prizes (although it’s nice visit other Clubs and also recognize winners). Visitations can be educational in a fun way. Ideas to exchange between Clubs can be beneficial and strengthen
Clubs with new ideas or ways to solve problems. Contests are to help members to learn and become better Lions as well as for Clubs to become more active and stronger. AND your sponsor and the Board of Directors member. They are to help you, and they also need your help. Communicate…it’s a two-way street. Share ideas as well as problems. You may hold the solution that they have been looking for.


Cagey Comments: Contact Lion Megan (253677-5439)
Our monthly Club newsletter, providing information on current and upcoming Club activities.
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Meeting Dinners: Contact Lion Joe (360-678-5201) and Lion Mel (360-678-7727)
Lions set up the meeting room, serve the meal and clean up afterwards.

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Meeting Programs: Contact Lion Barb (360-678-0514)


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Our current board

Lion Dave Fish
Lion Sue Hartin
1st Vice President
Lion Doug Kroon
2nd Vice President
Lion Brian Pulk
3rd Vice President
Rick Walti
Lion Gary Youngs
Membership Director
Lion Sandy Johnson
Tail Twister
Lion Vicky Reyes
Lion Tamer
Lion Carol Decker
2nd Year Directors
Lion Gary Parker
Lion Barb Vaughan
1st Year Directors
Lion Harold Hertlein
Lion Dennis Bullock
Retention Director
Lion Pat Waters
Immediate Past President
Lion Ricardo Reyes
Program Chair
Lion Barb Vaughan

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